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What questions do you ask a DJ?

I have taken the liberty of compiling more than 40 questions for you, the consumer, to ask DJs or DJ Companies (like me).  Some questions may not pertain to your particular event and some questions may not be important to you personally.  That's alright.  You see, before you even start asking questions, YOU have to decide what is IMPORTANT to you.  I left the question out, "How much do you charge?", because that is something all of us tend to ask.  For some of you, price will be the most important thing to you and so to ask any other question would be unnecessary.  If you think of a question(s) I should include on this list, please email it to me.

  1. Who will be DJing my event?
  2. Will the DJ meet with us?
  3. Will the DJ help us set an agenda for the day?
  4. Will the DJ come to my home or business to go over the entertainment?
  5. Does the DJ have experience?
  6. Does the DJ have experience with Wedding Receptions?
  7. Is your DJ Company a full-time business enterprise?
  8. Is the DJ a Member of the BBB or a local Chamber of Commerce?
  9. Does the DJ provide a written contract?
  10. How much of a deposit is required to book the DJ?
  11. What if I have to cancel my event?  Can I get a refund?
  12. Does the DJ have reliable equipment?
  13. Does the DJ carry back-up equipment?
  14. If the DJ is unable to make my event, is there a suitable replacement?
  15. Will the DJ have an adequate music selection?
  16. If I want a song you don?t have, will you play it from my own CD?
  17. If I have a song on tape, will you play it?
  18. Will the DJ listen to my music suggestions, concerns, and input?
  19. Will the DJ play songs with obscene and suggestive lyrics?
  20. Will the DJ do more than just play music?
  21. Can the DJ serve as Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)?
  22. When will the DJ arrive to setup his/her equipment?
  23. Will the DJ wear a tux or suit and tie?
  24. Will the DJ provide cocktail or dinner music?
  25. Does the DJ provide a wireless mic for toasts or announcements?
  26. Does the DJ provide a Light Show?
  27. Does the DJ charge extra for travel?  Are there any ?hidden? charges?
  28. Does the DJ have a website, toll-free telephone number, or free information packet?
  29. Is the DJ insured?
  30. Can the DJ provide several references?
  31. Will the DJ advertise at our event?
  32. Will I be able to control the volume of the music?
  33. What is the DJ Company?s policy on alcohol, food, beverages, and tipping for your DJs?
  34. Are we expected to include the DJ in our count for lunch/dinner?
  35. Where is the DJ?s office located?  What are the office hours?
  36. When does the DJ arrive the day of our event?
  37. Does the DJ charge for set-up and/or take-down?
  38. Will the DJ need assistance with hauling in/hauling out their equipment?
  39. Will the DJ need anything to setup their equipment?
  40. If my event runs later, can the DJ stay longer?  How much for overtime?
  41. IF APPLICABLE - I need wedding ceremony music.  Can the DJ provide it?
  42. IF APPLICABLE ? Does the DJ do special dances, games, skits, or activities?

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